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We provide individuals with information on Gunsmithing Schools across the United States. An education in Gunsmithing allows an aspiring Gunsmith to gain the expertise necessary to undertake the profession. Programs as designed, allows students to pursue a Certificate, Diploma or Associate Degree, varying in length according to each Gunsmithing Schools’ curriculum.
Most non-traditional Gunsmithing Schools award a Certificate. Likewise, two year colleges award a Certificate or an Associate in Applied Science Degree. A Certificate in Gunsmithing allows you to gain the skills necessary for licensure. It is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics, prior to enrolling in a degree program.  Program may be up to 4 semesters long (differing according to Gunsmithing Schools). An Associate Degree in Gunsmithing too will vary among Gunsmithing Schools in course structure. Nonetheless, programs as offered, address the fundamentals of gunsmithing. Upon successful completion, students will possess skills that allow them to enter the profession as entry level gunsmiths. In the curriculum, students are introduced to Gunsmithing Hand Tools, in addition to Metal Finishing and Customizing Firearms. Students learn Polishing, Hand Filing, Trigger Jobs, Parts Fitting, Scope Drilling, Soldering, Riffle Barreling and Basic Metallurgy methods.

An education in Gunsmithing allows you the flexibility of different industries and career paths. Graduates of the program often undertake employment in military and law enforcement settings. Students may also work as Gunsmiths for firearms manufacturers (working on warranty related repairs and customizations). Other career prospects include sporting goods stores and starting your own Gunsmithing business.Gunsmithing Schools  Among other vital skills,

Gunsmithing Schools will further introduce you to Gunsmithing Machine Tools. You’ll learn to safely operate Bench Grinders, Belt Sanders, Manual Lathe, Manual Vertical Milling Machine and Drill Press. If you like the science of Gunsmithing, a GS degree will open the doors to this lucrative field.

Firearms manufacturers are constantly introducing new designs and models. As such, Gunsmithing Schools aim to instruct students in a curriculum that allows students to meet current trends. The greatest advantage of Gunsmithing is that your skills may be used in other professions. For instance welding, (working with metal in general). In providing you with a solid gunsmithing background, you will be trained in Cleaning and Oiling, in addition to Firearms Function, Designs and Safety. General skills related to Stockmaking are also taught. These include Inletting and Shaping, Glassbedding, Installing Recoil Pads and Sling Swivels, Stock Finishing; among other techniques. Upon completion of relevant courses or program, students would have been equipped with the knowledge essential to repair and modify all types of firearms; modern and old fashioned.  At Gunsmithing Schools, we are committed to providing current information on schools that instruct in Gunsmithing. When you take advantage of these educational opportunities, you secure a future in a field that has been around since the invention of the gun itself. Materialize your goal; there are many Gunsmithing Schools that will help you achieve it!