Armorer Training

Revolver Armorer

Revolver Armorer a specialty shop that handles mostly sales, repair, accessories, and service for handguns, also offers some gunsmithing classes for anyone who is interested in the gunsmith school or armorer schools, this is a great place to start. Maybe you want to learn more about what a gunsmith school offers, or you are considering one of the higher priced armorer schools but you aren’t sure. You can take classes through Revolver Armorer. In order to participate in any of the gunsmithing classes you need to provide your own firearms.

What you wilArmorer Training Schoolsl gain through the gunsmithing classes at Revolver Armorer is a history of firearms, how to open you own business, the various parts of the firearms that you will be working on, how to disassemble and reassemble, along with maintenance, and inspection of firearms. These are just the introductory classes, the gunsmith school also offers advanced courses that require prerequisites be met, before you continue on.  You will gain a lot more hands on experience through this type of armorer schools because each class is only four people. The lower student number means that each student gets to work one on one with the instructors.

While this might not be the typical gunsmith school, you can explore your love of firearms, increase your knowledge and decide whether going to one of the accredited armorer schools is the right way to go. The low cost of the classes allows you the freedom to explore different aspects of gunsmithing in order to decide just how far you would like to pursue your interests. Most of the classes run about $150 per class. Although you are required to provide your own firearm if you don’t have one it’s not a problem, Revolver Armorer can help you get a firearm at a discounted price, especially if you let them know ahead of time that you are enrolled in one of the gunsmithing classes.

While the gunsmith school isn’t accredited and you won’t get a certificate or anything that could help you get into any of the nations fine armorer schools you can get a good idea of what the classes are like and you will be able to determine whether the more advanced classes at accredited schools are for you.  There aren’t admissions requirements, although anytime you work with or purchase a firearm you will have to undergo a criminal background check.