Customizing A Ruger 10-22 Rifle for Chistmas!

by Rob Smith on April 24, 2013

Gunsmithing Schools R10-22 Any one of us who enjoys the shooting sports knows how hard it is to find ammunition after the school shooting in Connecticut. Even the .22 Rim Fire which used to be easy to find and cheap to shoot is hard to find today by the brick. Hopefully now that the US Senate voted down the Gun Control Act of 2013, people will feel more at ease and the hording of ammo will slow down and allow gun shops to restock their shelves. I know there’s a lot more to the issue but that’s not the intent of this article.

Moving on, I would like to share with you gift I purchased for my preteen daughter’s Christmas Gift this past Christmas.   Yep, a pink Ruger 12-22 Rifle. They really do make a wonderful gift and you don’t have to attend a gunsmithing school to be able to customize them. I purchased it at a gun show in December just before the school shooting took place in Connecticut. The NICS check took all but five minutes and out the door I went. With just a few additional parts installed to customize it to her liking I had the perfect gift for her. The look on her face was priceless. I am very fortunate to have a daughter who loves to shoot with her father.

The Rifle is a Ruger 10-22 and it came with a pink stock and a stainless steel barrel. Unfortunately, it did not have any provision to attach a bipod. I had two choices to choose from as to how I was going to attach the bipod. The first was to drill a small hole

Gunsmithing Schools R10-22-3into the stock and insert a swivel to attach the bipod and the other was to change the barrel band out for one that had a picatinny rail integrated into it. As you can see in the picture, I went with changing out the barrel band. Although it works ok, there is a little play in the bipod that allows the rifle to cant to the right side slightly making it harder to sight the rifle. In the near future I plan to go ahead and install a swivel into the stock and change out the bipod.

The only other thing I added was a Center Point 3-9 x40mm scope. Fortunately Ruger provides a rail with their rifles to accommodate mounting a scope. The scope did take a little more time to mount because I tried to set the eye relief the best I could to suit my daughter without her being there as it was for her Christmas gift.  Needless to say, I did clock the scope but I didn’t lap the rings since the rifle is only being used for plinking. The real beauty of the 10-22, as well as with many other brands, is that they are very customizable without having to be a gunsmith.

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