Gunsmithing Schools In Arizona

Sonoran Desert Institute – Gunsmith School

If you are looking for the most intensive and extensive level of study when it comes to gunsmithing then look no further than the Sonoran Desert Institute. With its one of a kind gunsmith school, you will spend forty hours in semester study; all of which can be done from the comfort of your own home at your schedule. Through the Sonoran Desert Institute you can get a gunsmithing certificate and start your new career. The whole program is less than $2,000, which means that you can easily make payments or pay for the classes at one time, the cost covers course material, tools, lab kits, everything that you need to achieve your goal as a gunsmith.

What will you get out of the 40 semester hours through SDI’s armorer schools? A basic introductory course to gunsmithing, which teaches the business basics and about the different types of firearms; the next class will cover sights, accuracy, and black powder, then you will learn about how to troubleshoot firearms, and about trigger work, rechambering and rebarreling firearms. You will also learn about gun stocks, reloading, metal polishing, engraving, and refinishing, towards the end of the course you will learn more about business so that you can either go to work for a gunsmith or start your own company.

Career services will help you with developing a resume, searching for jobs, and filling out application. Through student services you should be able to get the help you need to complete the program and find the most success possible. The motto of the SDI is that your success is on your shoulders, you should focus not on what others can do, but on what you can do, setting goals, and when they are reached set more difficult goals. You have the talent, initiative and ability to become successful in gunsmithing, this is true no matter who you are or how much money you have to put into your education. Through SDI they will help to make sure you can achieve your goals.

There is a professional staff of instructors available to help you with your studies, and tutor you, if you are having difficulty in any of your lessons you are encouraged to contact the school and seek help. They grade on the same scale as a regular college, however, for anyone who scores less than 60% you will be given the opportunity to redo the assignment. The hope through SDI is that you are able to learn, and complete your certificate program; students aren’t failed out of the gunsmith school, but rather given every opportunity to learn.


Gunsmith School: Yavapai College

Program:  Ranked as one of the best Gunsmithing Schools in Arizona, Yavapai College offers a Certificate and Associate Degree in Gunsmithing. Certificate program was designed to prepare students for employment in a shop setting. The Associate Degree provides students with the skills necessary for entry level positions in the firearms and metal industry.

Diploma Awarded: Certificate / Associate Degree