Gunsmithing Schools in California

Lassen Community College

Located in sunny California is one of the best gunsmithing schools in California. Lassen Community College offers a gunsmith school, some of the programs offered are an Associate Degree in Firearm Repair, General Gunsmithing, and then six certificate programs, two for achievement in general gunsmithing, firearms repair, then four accomplishment certificates, long guns,  pistol smith, rifle smith, and lastly gunsmith machinist and metal finishing. With these programs you can open your own store.  For the associate program, you will complete more credits, most students have to complete at least sixty hours, although part of that can be done at another institute as long as the last twelve hours are completed at the Community College.

Gunsmithing Schools in California

There is a lot that you can do with a degree from accredited armorer schools or  gunsmithing schools in California, for instances most individuals go into gunsmith firearms repair, while others specialize as a firearms salesman, or go to work for the department of corrections. For some of the choices you do not have to get a degree, however there are a lot of options so if you are passionate about guns this is a terrific major to expand your horizons.

The program is quick; the classes generally go one week from start to finish. Lassens also offers the largest National Rifle Association classes in the United States. While the classes will vary depending on the area of study you choose, some of the options include arc welding in two different areas, since the main idea of a gun smith is that they build guns. You have to know how to weld, as well as the intricacies of designing and building firearms. For the gun enthusiasts these classes are not just educational but are also a spark of desire within them.

For more information about attending gunsmithing schools in California at Lassens Community College you can go to their website or call the toll free phone number. Registration is fairly simple and there are programs that start in Spring, Summer, and Fall so you can pretty much choose when you want to begin. There is financial aid available for qualifying students as well as career services to help you find work after you graduate. Although there are never any guarantees for work after graduation for any major at a gunsmithing school in California, the trained staff will do what they can to help you prepare your resume, fill out job applications and follow up on leads. When you are ready to get started in your new career or pursuing your love for firearms the program is ready for you to start.


Career Options:

  • Gunsmith Firearms Repair
  • Department of Corrections
  • Shop or Sporting Goods Store
  • Firearms Salesman
  • Armorer
  • Specialist in Custom Built Firearms
  • Law Enforcement Armorer
  • Owner/Manager of a Gunsmith
  • Factory Service Representative

Program Highlights

  • Dual Degree in Firearms Repair and General Gunsmithing
  • Courses are one week start to finish
  • The largest NRA Summer School in the USA

Area of Studies (May very with course of study you choose.)

  • Recoil Pad & Sling Swivel Installation
  •  Open and Optical Sight Installation
  • Stock Inletting
  • Glass Bedding for Strength & Accuracy
  • Wood Stock Finishing
  • Gunsmith Machining
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for Gunsmiths
  • Hardening & Tempering of Carbon Steels
  •  Bolt Action Barrel Fitting
  • Oxyacetylene Welding for Gunsmiths
  • Bolt Action Breeching and Headspace
  • Action and Bolt Modifications
  • Metal Preparation for Refinishing & Caustic Bluing
  • DFR Recoil Operated Auto Shotguns
  • DFR Pump Shotguns


  • DFR Single Action Revolvers
  • DFR Smith & Wesson Revolvers
  • DFR Colt Revolvers
  • DFR Pump and Lever Action .22’s
  • Correcting Oversize Firing Pin Holes
  • Composition Stock Fitting, Bedding & Finishing
  • Revolver Barrel Fitting and Ranging
  • Blowback Principle
  • DFR Locked Breech Single
  • Action Auto Pistols
  • DFR Locked Breech Double Action
  • Auto Pistols


  • DFR Blowback Auto Pistols
  • DFR Auto Rifles
  •  DFR Pump Rifles
  • DFR Lever Action Rifles
  • DFR .22 Autos
  • DFR Bolt Action .22’s
  • DFA Triggers
  •  Misfire Correction