Gunsmithing Schools In Colorado

Trinidad State Junior College

Located near the New Mexico border, Trinidad State Junior College, is one of the oldest schools in the state, established in 1925, because of the closeness of the college to the state of New Mexico students in both states receive in state tuition. Tuition runs $77-$166, there is different mandatory student fees depending on the campus. TSJC campuses are separated by the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.  As far as armorer schools go, TSJC is one of the best in the southwest.

The applied science degree offered through TSJC works in conjunction with Brownells Trinidad American Gunsmithing Technologies Institute. The whole purpose of working together is to assure graduates a successful future. Through a broad based education, that provides students with a good foundation for pursuing a career in designing, building, and selling firearms. There is a multitude of different jobs that can be done with a degree in gunsmithing.

The gunsmith school offered through TSJC started out in 1947 and has since evolved into a two year associates program designed to help students on their ways to new careers. The graduation rate is about 60%, and the employment rate is around 80%, the career services will help you with a resume, following job leads, and if necessary filling out applications. A strong resume will help with getting a job, and that is the primary focus of the individuals in career services.

There are many different choices who students who graduate from Trinidad State Junior College, who graduate with a gunsmithing degree, everything from working for state or federal offices to owning your own gunsmith shop. The options are endless, and with an Associates applied sciences degree you can pursue which ever career path you choose.

There is also a summer gunsmith school offered through the NRA that has shorter classes, the tuition for the summer program runs $350-$500 depending on the residency of the students. There is a low registration fee, and a separate law enforcement class that is offered for students, and they run just a little bit more than $600. There are some scholarships available for students in the NRA program, however they aren’t awarded until the program is completed so you will get a refund if you qualify for the program.

Through the summer armorer schools, students are eligible for a sixteen credit hour gunsmithing technician’s certificate. Only twelve of the hours program will come from the summer class. Some of the classes you might take are bluing and metal finishes, basic welding, and basic or advanced machine shop.


Colorado School of Trades

The Colorado School of Trades boasts a curriculum that is centered on all areas of Gunsmithing. It ranks top of the list among Gunsmithing Schools. It awards an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree to students who successfully complete the Gunsmithing Program. Every student is expected to spend 1500 hours in shop and lab, in addition to 300 hours in class. Program length is 14 months. Students begin the program with the Basic Course and progress to the Machine Course, Stockmaking Course and the Design & Function Course.

Diploma Awarded: Associate Degree.