Gunsmithing Schools In Minnesota



Through Pine Technical College students can pursue two different programs of study, the first a certificate in Gunsmithing, is a Gun Repair Certificate which is designed specifically for the student to work in sales at retail and sporting goods stores. The other option can be completed after getting the initial certificate if the student wants to take another forty-four credits can get a degree that allows them to work for manufactures, already established gun shops, or even open their own business. The first twenty four credits that students receive are in gun repair, and the second is called at gunsmithing diploma. The gunsmith school has repair classes that focus primarily on building or installing specific parts on a firearm, however there is a basic computer class that is required, as well as a career services class that will help students get a job after they graduate.

For the students who are interested in pursuing an advanced gunsmithing degree, there is an English class that is required, more classes that focus on building, designing, and manufacturing guns, as well as some computer aided drafting and machining classes. Some examples of what you would take are the barrel and chambering theory, and lab classes, the riflesmithing theory class, and Bolt action theory and lab class. It is important to note that students must pass the usual background checks to take classes related to handling firearms, this includes a criminal background check and any other state requirements that the student might have.

The basic cost for schooling is just over $5,000 for tuition, almost $1200 for books and supplies, if you need to stay on campus then room and board will run just about $8,000, transportation and personal expenses totaling just under $5,000 for a total of $19,300. The good news is there is financial aid for those who qualify, and since the tools required for the class are considered part of the books and supplies they will be covered under financial aid. This cost analysis shows what it would run one student for nine months of study taking a full time course load of fifteen hours, of course if you take more or less classes your fees will vary to a certain extent.

When you are ready to get started you can find out more information on the Pine Technical college website, through their e-mail or by calling an admissions advisor, there is someone waiting by to help you get enrolled in the classes today and start at one of the nation’s premier armorer schools, PTC is the perfect choice.