Gunsmithing Schools In North Carolina

Gunsmith School: Montgomery Community College


If you are interested in attending a gunsmith school, then consider going to one of the best community colleges in the nation. Through Montgomery Community College you can get a certificate, degree, or diploma in either their day or weekend program. The purpose of this program is to help students learn how to diagnose, repair, and work with custom firearms. The armorer schools there is also short NRA courses. These courses are focused in gunsmithing, knife making, and law enforcement armorer school that attract students of all kinds from all over the world. Most of the NRA courses run for a week and cost around $200.

Through the gunsmith school you can also get an Associate in Applied Sciences degree, which will require you take some liberal arts courses like English, Math and Computers, but the majority of your course will be in Gunsmithing. Some classes you can expect to take are gunmetal refinishing, advanced repair technology, handgun technology, and general repair. The gunsmithing program is very hands on, so that most of your class time is spent in labs applying what you learn in the classroom to real life. Hands on learning are still the best route, especially when it comes to a gunsmith school.

While MCC has an open door policy, allowing students to enroll regardless of whether they have graduated high school or not, it is important to note that with the gunsmith school and the armorer schools you are going to have to pass a criminal background check, this is required by law and doesn’t really have anything to do with the schools policy. You can get financial aid for the gunsmith school, armorer schools,and NRA short classes as well; the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid can help you get federal loans and grants to cover the cost of your studies.

You can apply online to attend any of the classes offered through the armorer schools, the gun smith school, or the NRA program, and most of your financial aid can be handled online as well. If you want to talk to an admissions adviser you can call the school any time, or visit their admissions office. Applying is easy; you can get started today pursuing your career as a gun smith, fill out an application, make sure that you send off for all applicable transcripts, and don’t forget the necessary preadmissions tests, plus any additional requirements like the criminal background check, and get started right away on your gunsmithing degree.

Diploma Awarded: Certificate, Associate Degree.