Gunsmithing Schools In Pennsylvania


A private post-secondary institution, located in a suburb of Pittsburg Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School is one of the best in the nation. Offering hands on training, and because the purpose of the classes is gunsmithing, there aren’t liberal arts classes that are required. This allows students to focus on what is really important and get their certificate or degree faster. The sooner that you can get your certificate the sooner you can start your new career in gunsmithing.

What can you do with a gunsmithing certificate or diploma? Well many people go to work for gunsmiths that manufacture and sell guns, others go to work in the retail or sport goods stores. How far you go with the program can depend on what you end up doing, if you want to run your own company as a professional gun smith that is an option. You could also go to work as a welder, metal refinisher, and wood working, like custom cabinet maker and furniture refinisher.


At the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School there is a concentrated sixteen month program in Master Gunsmithing, the focus is not limited, and instead it combines all areas of firearms, some of the classes will teach you proper layout, metallurgy, the function and design of firearms. You will also learn some basics like how to mount a sight, gunsmith welding, repairing firearms, customizing firearms; along with how to do custom alterations for firearms, everything from rifles, handguns, to shotguns. Then there are some basic business classes as well as career services classes that will help you with finding employment after you complete your degree.

There is financial aid through the state and federal government for qualifying students, and if you cannot get loans or grants through the government there are some private options for financing your education. Financial aid advisors are waiting by to help you with determining the best path to pay for your education. At PGS they do not want a lack of money to stand in your way of pursuing your career dreams.

When you are ready to choose between armorer schools, look no further than the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, they have one of the best programs in the nation to make sure that you can achieve your goal as a master gunsmith. You can contact the school via their website, or over the phone, and a trained admissions advisor will be able to help you fill out the forms, and point you in the right direction for financial aid, getting you started in the program as soon as possible.

Sonoran Desert Institute

Gunsmithing Studies Include:

  • Proper layout, hack sawing, filing and gauging techniques
  • Nomenclature, function and design and cycle of operation
  • Heat treatment, metallurgy, and spring making
  • Polishing and bluing techniques, firearm disassemble and reassembly, trigger work
  • Stock design and fit, drop, pitch and cast off
  • Stockmaking, recoil pad installation, stock finishing and checkering, sling swivel installation
  • Stock bedding techniques
  • Lathe, milling machine, drill press and grinding operations
  • Welding, soldering and brazing
  • and Repairing customizing
  • Telescopic and fixed sight mounting
  • Barrel fitting, chambering and head spacing
  • Simple ballistics and hand loading
  • Custom alterations for rifles, shotguns and handguns
  • Basic business practices, Gunsmith operations and employment preparation


Gunsmithing Machinery And Equipment Used By Students :

  • Individual student work benches equipped with a utility vise and electricity
  • Drill presses
  • Abrasive grinders
  • Abrasive grinders
  • Polishing buffers
  • Gear head lathes and attachments
  • Vertical knee milling machines with digital read outs and attachments
  • Multiple bluing tanks
  • Glass bead and abrasive blasters
  • Disc sanders
  • Jointers
  • Band saws
  • Welders
  • Stock drying rooms
  • Precision chambering reamers, gages and test equipment
  • Hand reloading work benches with presses, dies and associated equipment
  • Hundreds of tools, jigs and fixtures
  • Heat treating furnaces
  • Forges


Gunsmith School: Penn Foster Career School

Program: The Penn Foster Career School administers a program that provides students with basic skills in gunsmithing. This Gunsmithing Schools’ program was designed to be completed in a very short time (5 months). Students learn to accurize, customize, and repair firearms, in addition to designing and installing metallic riffle sights. Upon graduation, you will better positioned to start your own business or work in a gun shop.

Diploma Awarded: Certificate