Gunsmithing Schools In South Carolina

Gunsmith School: Piedmont Technical College


When it comes to finding a great gunsmith school in South Carolina, the Piedmont Technical College has one of the best programs in the nation. Each state is going to have different requirements when it comes to handling firearms, and so the technical schools that offer gunsmithing are going to have different requirements for their students. So it is important to know what kind of legal requirements you will need if you are going to enroll in any of the armorer schools around the nation.  What sets PTC apart from other schools is the fact that it is only offered in the evening. For someone who has a full time job and wants to pursue a different career night classes are usually the only way to go.

Distance learning has become so important, whether you want to go to a gunsmith school or further your training in law enforcement by attending one of the nation’s finest armorer schools, most people have to work during the day and they can only find time to go to school at night, or via the internet. However, with gunsmithing since it is such as hands on training, night school is going to be better than the online option. By going to night school you get to work with a trained instructor, hands on training for building, designing, repairing, as well as other various aspects of gunsmithing.

Tuition at Piedmont Technical College is relatively inexpensive and there are a lot of options when it comes to financing your education, everything from payment plans, to private, state, and federal loans and grants. The financial aid advisors will gladly work with you to figure out the best way for you to pay for your education.  Part time students can expect to pay around $150 a credit hour, full time students can expect to pay a little bit more, especially if you go over twelve credit hours, if that is the case expect to pay a hundred dollars more per credit hour. Still for armorer schools this is probably one of the most reasonable.

Some of the glasses that you can expect to take range from basic gunsmithing to welding, general repair, and handgun technology. The classes are broke down over two semesters, for a total of twenty-four credit hours. The gunsmith school at PCI also offers an advanced gunsmithing certificate in which you will take another 27 hours and part of that will include business classes to help you with your career.

Diploma Awarded: Certificate